Business Community

A dynamic community Built on collaboration

Being part of Masdar Free Zone offers tenants access to a unique business community that inspires innovation and future thinking through regular networking events, introductions, and referrals to other free zone companies. The City is home to startups, SMEs and multinationals from a wide range of industries with a dynamic mix of private and government companies. The City’s innovation ecosystem connects knowledge with research and business with investment opportunities.

At the heart of this ecosystem is the Khalifa University campus at Masdar City, an independent, research-driven graduate institute that focuses on the creation and development of cutting-edge renewable energy and sustainability solutions. Businesses, tenants and partners are encouraged to work alongside the institute to help accelerate breakthrough technologies to market and also take advantage of access to the institute’s rich pool of current talent and over 500 post graduate students.

Alongside our business community an extensive selection of restaurants, cafés and retail outlets, combine to create a vibrant and convenient location to conduct business.


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